Terahertz open source scanner

Terahertz and millimeter waves technologies have followed to a decade of strong development, thanks to leading promising applications fields such as hyper-spectral imaging, non-destructive testing and spectroscopy. However, the generally high cost of such systems limits their use to academic research laboratories or high added value industries. With Teragogic project, we introduce the early stage results of a fully integrated imaging system, at very lowered cost, operating above 100 GHz, available as an open source project.

Teragogic system : It uses a silicon radar integrated sensor and a low cost grantry. For less than 1000€, you can build a terahertz scanner and discover imaging, for education and research.

Design and performance

In order to show the resolution of the system, we use USAF target on PCB.

Left : Visible image of the USAF target. Center : FMCW image using a Synview system (75-110 GHz) Right : FMCW image using silicon radar at 122 Ghz (6GHz band).
Lateral resolution of an imaging system depends on the frequency and the numerical aperture.
Longitudical resolution depends on the frequency band

Study cases and results

What’s next?

If you are interested to participate to that project, build your system, improove it or to focus on data processing, you are welcome. This project is open source. you can find more details on Github

Another version of Teragogic is under development and terahertz radar ans data processing people interested in this project are welcome. Feel free to contact me.


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