Terahertz is a powerful technique allowing non destructive test of composite materials. Both time and frequency domain, pulsed and FMCW can be used to inspect composite materials from the aeronautics industry. Several defects like crack, insertions or debonds can be revealed.

Plastic wavguide for terahertz sensing in reflection

Guided Reflectometry Imaging Unit using Millimeter Wave FMCW Radars

In this paper published in july 2020 in IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology, we present a reflectometry sensing system associated with a frequency modulated continuous wave radar. Then, a solid immersion lens is added to the system to improve the resolution. Abstract of terahertz reflectometry setup Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar systems…

Processing sequence for non-destructive inspection based on 3D terahertz images

In this paper, a processing sequence has been developed to achieve automated analysis and measurements from 3D terahertz acquisitions. This sequence first performs a tomographic reconstruction from a 3D acquisition made by a continuous millimetre wave system. This reconstruction is based on the Ordered Subsets Convex (OSC) algorithm and has been optimized for 3D THz…