Terahertz radiation for tomographic inspection

This paper demonstrate how it is possible to take into account the physical properties of THz waves used in THz CT scan imaging as an improved beam propagation model. This more realistic model is clearly justified by the fact that previous models were simply relying on well-known and commonly applied X-ray reconstruction methods, which assume a ray tracing approach, whereas the THz beam profile is very far from this hypothesis. The model is introduced in several inversion methods as a convolution filter to perform efficient tomographic reconstructions of acquired objects.


Recur, B., Guillet, J. P., Bassel, L., Fragnol, C., Manek-Hönninger, I., Delagnes, J. C., … & Mounaix, P. (2012). Terahertz radiation for tomographic inspection. Optical Engineering51(9), 091609-1.

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