Frequency from 100 GHz to 10 THz, wavelenght from 3mm to 30µm , crosses most dielectrics, absorbed by water, total reflection on metal and non ionising

What is terahertz?

Terahertz frequency band

Terahertz (THz) waves is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum between infrared and microwave radiation corresponding to wavelenghts from 3 mm to 100 µm. In the frequency domain, it consists of the band from 100 GHz to 30 THz (See Fig 1.). For 1 Thz, wavelenght is about 300 µm, photo energy is 4.135 meV and period is 1ps. Order of magnitude of THz waves can discovered with this Terahertz frequency converter application.

Fig 1. Terahertz spectrum is from 100 Ghz to 30 THz

Terahertz properties

The main properties of THz are non-ionizing, good penetration in a wide variety of materials (plastic, wood, composite material, clothes, paper, ceramics, etc), except conducting materials (ex: metal and water). Several molecules have spectral fingerprint in the terahertz frequency band.

Main properties of terahertz waves

Terahertz Applications

Due to penetration and spectral properties, terahertz waves  can be used for imaging and spectroscopy. They have several applications like non destructive test of material (like composite), astronomy, body scanner, communications, biomedical, etc. Spectral properties are important for molecule identification (explosive, medecine, alcanes or biomedical identification).

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