Here you can find my teaching activities and educational projects.

I’m in charge of digital electronics and programming course (“Informatique Industrielle”) for 1st year students at Bordeaux Institute of Technogy – Electrical Engineering departement (DUT GEII). This includes Digital Electronics, Arduino and automation.

You can find here news about HOBIT Projet (Hybrid Optical Bench for Inovative teaching) and Smartphonics (Use of Smartphones for Teaching).

HOBIT-a New Concept for Pedagogical Innovations in Learning and Teaching Optics

Presentations of the latest HOBIT developments Martin Hachet (INRIA) presented in Jul 2021 the last HOBIT developments at the 13th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies in Spain (Virtual). You can watch the recorded presentation from the HAL open archive. More details about this publication Hachet, M., Canioni, L., Guillet, J.…


Terahertz open source scanner Terahertz and millimeter waves technologies have followed to a decade of strong development, thanks to leading promising applications fields such as hyper-spectral imaging, non-destructive testing and spectroscopy. However, the generally high cost of such systems limits their use to academic research laboratories or high added value industries. With Teragogic project, we…

What is Smartphonics

Origin of this word Smartphonics Smartphones have become ubiquitous objects in the daily lives of students. Rather than using them for entertainment, why not take advantage of this object to impart knowledge, experiment and teach? We use the word Smartpnonics in the context of using the smartphone for education, and not as a smartphone study…

Karnaugh map

Karnaugh map is a graphic method allowing to find the logical equation from a truth table. This free educative android application shows graphically the resolution of Karnaugh map. Download Karnaugh Map (free Android application) in Google Play Store