Smartphonics describes the studies of the use of smartphone for education purpose. This word comes from “Smartphonique”, french word from my colleague Ulysse Delabre who use it for physics education.

You can find below articles about this activity, also related to SmartphoniaQ Aquitaine Region project.

Learn using a Smartphone

What is Smartphonics

Origin of this word Smartphonics Smartphones have become ubiquitous objects in the daily lives of students. Rather than using them for entertainment, why not take advantage of this object to impart knowledge, experiment and teach? We use the word Smartpnonics in the context of using the smartphone for education, and not as a smartphone study…

Karnaugh map

Karnaugh map is a graphic method allowing to find the logical equation from a truth table. This free educative android application shows graphically the resolution of Karnaugh map. Download Karnaugh Map (free Android application) in Google Play Store